Akama Miki is a cute year-old child model from Canada with close to , followers on her Weibo page China’s version of Twitter. The only person she follows is year-old Chinese pop singer Zhang Muyi, to whom she posts lovesick messages, such as: ”Wait until I’m old enough to marry you, and then I’m going to say, ‘I do’. The message was written in response to Zhang Muyi’s own post, featuring a photo of Miki pinching him playfully on the cheek and the message: ”Today we’re super happy, laughing, being crazy, had a nap and practised singing. I said to Miki, ‘I’m going to be with you as you grow, I’ll always wait for you. Both accounts feature photos of the couple running on the beach, working in the studio, eating birthday cake and curled up next to each other on a sofa. They frequently declare their love for each other, with Zhang Muyi saying on Miki’s recent 12th birthday: ”I simply can’t wait for these next four birthdays of yours to pass, I’m counting down each one. The most popular post has Miki in a midriff top and jeans on the beach, pointing upwards.

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Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter. Log In. Chinese pop star, 24, dating year-old model Listen Print. A year-old Chinese pop star is apparently in love with a girl half his age.

Akama Miki Photos Pictures. Name Akama Miki. Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB 11th September As of , she is around 21 years.

By Kerry Mcdermott. Love affairs between musicians and models are a common occurrence in the showbiz world. But year-old Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi has caused controversy after publicly declaring his love for a baby-faced model who is just years-old. Despite the fact that Canada-based Akama Miki is not yet in her teens, the pair have exchanged romantic messages on Sina Weibo, a Chinese social networking site.

Scroll down for video. Relationship: Pop star Zhang Muyi left , 24, declared his feelings for year-old Akama Miki right on a Chinese social networking site. Shortly after she turned 12 Miki, who has , followers on the site, wrote on the pop star’s page: ‘Wait until I’m old enough to marry you, and then I’m going to say “I do”.

Akama miki and zhang muyi

Six years after Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi publicly declared his love for the then year-old music pupil Miki Akama , the two have now announced their wedding on Weibo. Although some say their love is meant-to-be, others say it is a case of pedophilia. I n , it made international headlines when the then year-old Chinese popstar Zhang Muyi publicly declared his love for year-old Canada-born model Miki Akama.

On September 11, , Miki will turn 18, and it will be ten years since we first met.

Despite the fact that Canada-based Akama Miki is not yet in her teens, the pair have exchanged romantic messages on Sina Weibo, a. Akama miki dating social​.

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Outrage over Chinese popstar, 24, who is ‘dating 12-year-old Canadian model’

Officials say that the closure will be extended to September 30, as cases continue to rise in the U. Carrie Underwood may have given a year-old boy his first kiss , but another adult musician may be taking his relationship with a preteen too far. Canadian singer-model Akama Miki may be only 12 years old, but Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi, who is twice her age at 24, claims they are in love and that it is not a publicity stunt.

There’s nothing we can do about this, nor do we feel the need to prove anything to these people,” Muyi wrote on Weibo, a Chinese Twitter-style site. According to MSN, the duo has recently been exchanging love letters and posting photos of themselves together see Miki pinch Muyi’s cheek! See them touch fingers!

Akama Miki and Zhang Muyi post pictures of themselves together regularly for adoring fans. Akama Miki is a cute year-old child model from.

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Pretty Boy Chinese Cover by Miki and 张木易

Trending News. Home Entertainment Music. London: Love affairs between musicians and models are a common occurrence in the showbiz world.

Chinese Popstar Zhang Muyi, 24, Dating Model Akama Miki, By Larry Putzgerald September 25, Not content to let America corner the market on​.

Adult Chinese men dating preteen girls is reprehensible. Needless to say, their nuptials caused a stir on Chinese social media. Akama is an aspiring singer and model of Canadian nationality. Growing up in China, she met her private music teacher, Zhang, at the tender age of 8. Within four years they were officially dating. Allegedly, Akama’s parents one is Japanese and the other is half-Chinese half-German were too busy to look after their own daughter, so they did not mind that Zhang had taken her under his wing.

Even though a number of netizens and media articles have come out in full support of their “touching romance” and “true love,” I do not believe this is a healthy relationship. At age 8, student Akama probably did not understand her feelings for Zhang, which were probably more like idol worship or innocent affection that any impressionable child would have for a confident adult. At age 20, teacher Zhang surely was aware of his own sexual attractions toward children.

While most of her peers were only beginning to learn about their developing bodies, poor Akama was already locked into a sexual relationship with Zhang. Their previous Weibo posts implied that Akama lived with him those years. A healthy romantic relationship is based on mutual love and respect.

Gross 24-Year-Old Chinese Popstar Is Dating a 12-Year-Old Girl

Ang bata pa masyado ni Akama Miki. Kailangan pa niyang kumembot kembot. Ako nalang muna sumubstitute sakanya please. Please Muyi, ako nalang muna. Who would have thought that a year-old boy would fell in love with a year-old girl, and vice versa? All we can do is continue to persevere with our love, our life, and our being together.

Akama Miki & Zhang Muyi: Year-Old Chinese Singer Reportedly Dating ​Year-Old Child Model Model [Bot] and 48 guests.

Twelve year old model Akama Miki is taking that saying to heart as she has declared her love for Zhang Muyi, a year old Chinese pop star and he loves her back. Their declaration of love is causing quite the controversy. Zhang and Akama are in love and they are not afraid to let anyone know, even though she is not even close to being an adult. The two have posted pictures of themselves on the Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo, posted affectionate messages of love for each and exchanged private emails through the site.

It is very clear they are both into each other and that has many up in arms. Seriously I think it is freaking disgusting, he is a grown man and she is not even a teen yet. When Miki was eight years old Muyi was hired as her music coach. In the last four years the two have grown closer and are now in love.

I guess in Canada age 16 makes it legal to marry or have sex with someone who is older than Their love blossomed as the couple began recording songs together, making videos and one thing led to another. If you browse the below gallery of photos you can see that there is clearly a love there, you can also check out their post so each other on the Sina Weibo social networking site right here.

Once the couple declared their love for each other they started trending on Tweitter and all the haters came out. Some were talking about not only how disturbing and wrong the relationship was but there were even those who claim the whole relationship is nothing but a publicity stunt.

This 24-Year-Old Chinese Popstar Is Dating A 12-Year-Old Model

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Akama Miki: 12 Year Old Canadian Model Dating 24 Year Old Pop Star (Photos). The saying goes age is just a number and it doesn’t matter.

Subscriber Account active since. The couple first met when Akama was just 8 years old and Zhang was hired to be her music coach. The only difference is that while Justin and Selena have a two-year age gap, there is a year age difference between Zhang and Akama—he is 24 and she is But despite the age difference being illegal, the couple are not trying to hide their love.

In fact, they have made their relationship very public by flirting and posting photos on China’s popular social media site, Weibo. Zhang posted this photo of the couple on the beach, with the caption “I love you. Zhang responded, “I simply can’t wait for these next four birthdays of yours to pass, I’m counting down each one. The couple first met when Akama was just eight-years-old and Zhang was hired to be her music coach.

Four years later, the now-couple recorded a duet titled “Pretty Boy. Business Insider logo The words “Business Insider”.

Zhang muyi akama miki dating games – Canadian model Akama Miki

Its ok if zhang muyi is much older than akama miki no one will be able to interfere your relationship because you both love each other. And now whats the most important is loyalty and zhang love your wife till the end of your life. Your email address will not be published. As of , she is around 21 years old.

Akama Miki & Zhang Muyi: Year-Old Chinese Singer Reportedly Dating ​Year-Old Child Model. With the latest couple “Kaistal” Kai and Krystal joining the​.

What really old to the relationship was old Muyi posted a picture of the pair on year beach at night, touching finger tips dating a kind of “kiss,” telling her in the caption that muyi loves her. Most comments under the photo are supportive, with one saying, “Love knows year-old boundaries, a year-old with a year-old is not a big deal.

First of all, it’s not legal. Even Muyi acknowledged that a few weeks ago on Miki’s 12th birthday—that’s right, when they first model dating she was 11 —when he posted a photo of them sharing a cake old added the caption, “I simply can’t wait for these next four birthdays of year model pass, I’m counting down each one,” referring to when she’ll be 16 and the law will no year muyi in their way.

More importantly, though, is model old zhang is an adult, Miki is a child, a point that has been old home by her responses to Muyi, “I will always love you and you will be my darling forever!!! However, some detractors are claiming that this is nothing but a publicity stunt, as Miki is launching a music career and the model of their relationship coincided with the release of the music video for their duet. And although they have nearly a million followers on Weibo, they only follow each other, with their accounts seemingly dedicated to promoting their love.

Their next single dating called “Courageous Love. But what PR team would actually sanction something so outrageous chinese illegal and, frankly, gross?

Chinese Popstar Zhang Muyi, 24, Dating Model Akama Miki, 12

Interestingly, the arrested or jailed pedophiles don’t really gross me out. Most jailed ones had committed unconsented sexual activities with minors, or had appeared at least in a harmful way that traumatized the minor on the spot. Last summer I worked with quite a few of them with my supervisor in the public defender office. For example, recently, a piece of sensational news from the Chinese media has been spreading out.

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Akama Miki & Zhang Muyi: Year-Old Chinese Singer Reportedly Dating ​Year-Old Child Model. › 24 Year Old Pop Star Dating Model, Akama Miki, Akama.

Login to Your Account. Remember Me? Lifestyle Forums – Chill and Destress here! Chit Chatting. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Akama said on her Weibo [page] that when she is 16, she will marry him. Source: year-old hottie dating man 12 years older than her – AsiaOne Forum. Last edited by bigsale; Sep 9th, 12 at AM. Age is not a problem, it is just a barrier you need to overcome if you are truly in love with each other. Wait, wtf, I thought I saw 21 years old.

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