Aria and Jason aka Jaria. Ah, the couple that inspired this whole feature. But before all that nonsense, Jaria actually seemed like it could be on the cards all the way back in Season 2. You know, as you do. Spencer and Alex aka Spex. I mean, the ship name alone pretty much guaranteed that this relationship was never going to work. Emily and Ben aka Bemily.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Addresses Its Statutory Rape Problem, But Not In The Way We Hoped

While we’re huge Pretty Little Liars fans, we can’t help but notice that Hollywood tends to glamorize relationships that are a little disturbing, and even at times illegal. There’s nothing romantic about older men taking advantage of younger women, and while we tolerate it in the fictional Rosewood bubble — you know, the place where no one has to go to school, report crimes, or tell their parents what they’re up to — we’d rather see age-appropriate relationships heat up and these types fade away.

Aria and Ezra a. Ezria This fan-favorite student and teacher affair kicked off PLL’s ongoing theme: high school girls dating older men and no one thinking it’s weird. Spencer and Ian In Alison’s words, “He’s your sister’s boyfriend.

“Pretty Little Liars,” based on the book series written by Sara Shepard, follows the lives of four best. Ezra was Aria’s English teacher, and they are dating. Aria met Ezra’s ex-girlfriend and learned that Ezra has a son that he does not know about Spencer warns Jason, Alison’s brother, to be careful around Mona, and once.

We also learn that Rosewood is the type of place that turns 6-year-olds learning to read into an official competition. Hopefully this psychic-bond all the children share will be developed later and the books will take a more Midwich Cuckoos Village of the Damned direction. Otherwise we learn nothing knew, and have some old and boring information hammered into our heads once again.

Back in the present we pick up exactly where we left off. Ian is still dead. We are clumsily reminded that we are now supposed to be suspicious of Officer Wilden, because Shepard says so. Everyone immediately panics. Then the process of obsessive recapping begins. Hanna fondly reminisces about the time when the time when they were all children and Mike deliberately lurked about in the dark in the middle of the night to sexually assault Alison, but accidentally groped Hanna instead; she appears to find this sweet.

Shepard keeps telling us what every boy in the series smells like in weird detail. Also, the Warhol banana appears again.

The Rebellion

Now, as the series winds down, it weirdly seems to be celebrating the much-discussed issue. Grundy out of town when they discovered she was having sex with Archie. For years, the characters were offered plausible deniability by having something Ezra meet teenage Aria in a bar. I am a student at Rosewood High School and I have had a sexual relationship with my former teacher Ezra Fitz since I was a sophomore until now.

I want to do an X reader Thanksgiving imagine but I don’t know who to do it for comment who you think I should write one for! – warning: mentions of sex.

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Jason DiLaurentis has never proven himself to have much of a purpose on Pretty Little Liars , but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a welcome presence every time he does blow back into town. Season 7 is seeing the return of a lot of characters, and Jason is just the most recent character to reappear. Considering everything Alison has been going through lately, it’s about time she got a little familial support from her brother — especially since there’s a new, mysterious member of the DiLaurentis family in town, Mary Drake.

Jason’s ex can’t be the other four Liars — Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Alison — for obvious reasons. Hanna and Caleb were together at the.

Aria tries to help Mike out, but there is nothing she or her family can do to get him to listen. Aria continues to think about Jason more and more and has a few inappropriate dreams about him. Aria the pretty, she admits to Emily about her dreams and Emily simply little, “When you dream about someone, it isn’t because they want something from you, it’s because you want something from them. In the ninth episode, “Picture This”, Jason kisses Aria and she doesn’t exactly stop him.

But she does tell aria she’s not available and pretty little confused. Aria confides couples Aria past her couples relationship with Jason. Emily who her couples she needs to stay away from him and reminds her that she has Ezra, who liars truly loves.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ History: 85 Times the Girls Should Have Told Someone About “A”

Over seven seasons, Pretty Little Liars has thrown some major curveballs our way. This was the most obvious guess for a while—too obvious, in fact. Just saying. The worst cop ever. He first had us questioning his intentions when, after arresting Hanna for shoplifting, he slept with her mom.

Nov 3, – We all love to drool over these Pretty Little Liars hotties every Tuesday night, but which of the five main babes (Jason, Caleb, Ezra, Paige or Toby) you are most compatible with? Ezra And Aria Pretty Litle Liars, Pretty Little, Dating Rachel’s allegations are untrue, so the annulment can’t be granted.

Read at your own risk! There’s still a lot to be revealed in next week’s Pretty Little Liars summer finale, but the season’s penultimate episode did uncover one specific gem — what happened between Aria Lucy Hale and Jason DiLaurentis Drew Van Acker during the five-year time jump. It turns out their secretive conversations and coded allusions to “what happened between us” was in fact a cryptic way of talking about a secret affair.

Aria and Jason were involved in a passionate fling shortly after she graduated college. Flashbacks revealed Aria waking up in Jason’s bed years prior and the older DiLaurentis asking her to join him on a philanthropy trip to Ethiopia. Why didn’t Aria make the trip to Africa to help impoverished villagers and rack up more bedroom hours with her chiseled and rugged high school crush?

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Pretty Little Liars may no longer be on, having ended in , but people are still watching — and re-watching — the show. Many of today’s Pretty Little Liars viewers were pre-teens or teens when the show first came out in and are no doubt realizing just how different the show is upon watching it again as an adult. From there, though, the story got more than a little complicated as the Liars tried to uncover the identity of A, a mysterious person who has wreaked havoc on their lives.

Younger viewers likely get caught up in the show’s many twists and turns and miss a lot of things that adult viewers can’t help but pay attention to. Adults will notice that not all of the show’s storylines are exactly palatable, while some others simply make no sense.

Over seven seasons, Pretty Little Liars has thrown some major We learned that Jason had started the secret voyeuristic N.A.T. club with But once he started dating Spencer, our questions subsided. While we’ve moved on from that saga and accepted Ezra’s apologies to Aria, we’re still not totally sold.

In the book series, Aria is described as gorgeous, tall, lean with long blue-black hair, startling ice-blue eyes and an angular face. Aria is artsy and imaginative, has a hipster style, and a passion for knitting and writing. She is also described as Rosewood’s ‘weird girl’. On another interview with ClevverTV. Aria is one of four primary protagonists in all fourteen of the Pretty Little Liars novels, starting with ‘s Pretty Little Liars.

She is the daughter of Byron and Ella Montgomery and has a younger brother, Mike. Before Alison DiLaurentis disappeared, Aria is shown to have a quirky personality and a penchant for knitting. Like the other girls, Aria and Alison had a secret between them; they witnessed Aria’s father, Byron, cheating on her mother with one of his students, Meredith, and he begs Aria not to tell anyone. During the night of the last of 7th grade , while having a sleepover in Spencer’s sister Melissa’s barn, Alison disappeared.

Not long after Ali’s disappearance, Aria’s father moves his family to Iceland in an attempt to hide the affair from Aria’s mother, Ella.

Pretty Little Liars – Jason, Noel and Aria scene – 02×06